There There

Leave today behind and step through a time warp at 8 Malop Street for cocktails, music and house party vibes that’ll take you right back to the 1970s.

It’s a retro time capsule. Walk the corridor, laden with glorious double and triple denim, records adorning the walls and couches straight out of That 70s Show. For a night, you’ll be in a place where time stood still, spirits were free and inhibitions didn’t exist.

The vintage venue is overgrown with lush vines and lit up with retro televisions. And when the needle hits the vinyl and the cocktails hit the bar top, you’ll feel decades away. Expect a 70s spin on cocktails like the Space Oddity, Pink Floyd and Harvey Wallbanger that will whisk you away to the best party era that ever existed.

There There is a cocktail bar like you’ve never experienced but one you’ll feel so comfortable in that you’ll stay til the end of time… or at least the end of the decade!